Great Bedwyn Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Neighbourhood Development Plan has been paused since 19 June 2018. The Neighbourhood Plan is currently in draft form - see below. 

Towns and large villages are being encouraged to make a statutory Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). This is consistent with the Government's intention that communities should have more say in local planning. The Parish Council therefore set up a representative Working Group in November 2015 to undertake local consultation and produce a draft NDP. Questionnaires to all households and businesses were distributed in April 2016 (see results summary). Based on these local views actions have been divided between the Working Group and the Parish Council. An open day was held in the Village Hall in October 2016 to discuss the initial Working Group thinking and consequent further work is now in hand, in conjunction with the Working Group Link Officer and Place Studio (external experts in producing NDPs).

Previous Relevant Planning Documents

Great Bedwyn published a Village Design Statement in 2003. Please also see the 2007 Kennet District Great Bedwyn Conservation Area Appraisal and Proposal.

External Guidance on Producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan

Please see UK Government Neighbourhood Planning Guidance.


Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan - September 2018

Part One

Part Two  






Flood Group

Great Bedwyn has a historical problem with flooding in different areas of the village, caused by surface water run off. Great Bedwyn suffered its most recent flooding event on 7 January 2014, with many homes and the doctors surgery particularly affected. On the weekend of 7/8th July 2012 a dozen homes and gardens in many areas of Great Bedwyn were flooded. As a result residents reformed the Flood Group in 2012 and now meet regularly.

 You can view the detailed Atkins report here.

The Flood Group has produced a comprehensive list of actions: Action Plan and The Flood Plan.

Many other documents relating to flooding it the village are held in an online archive.

The Flood Group are very pleased to have received the news in January 2015 that Great Bedwyn will be allocated funding to carry out significant engineering works to minimise the risk of future flooding.

In 2023 the Parish Council hope to approve an updated flood plan and allocate regular preventative work to the Parish Council handyman,  

To report a problem or become involved please contact the clerk.

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