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Train table update from Dec 23 onwards 

 Bus timetable from 30th Oct 23

Update on the bus timetable changes:

Paul Sanders at WCC who is the project manager for the changes has confirmed that the 20/22 will mostly end on the 29th October (when the new Hungerford part of the on-demand service commences) apart from the school journeys which will continue unchanged. The replacement will be a mix of some off-peak timetabled services (New service 110 operated by Wiltshire Connect) and the on-demand service. The finer detail on the phase 3 timetables are being worked on and these should be ready in the next couple of weeks.  

Wiltshire Connect bus service information  

Advanced Notice of road closure. Shalbourne. 2nd October 

Changes to our bus service from 4th September

The 110 service to Marlborough and Hungerford will continue in some form - timetable to be announced. However, our new Wiltshire Connect flexible bus service will start running on 4th September from 6am - 8pm Monday to Friday, and from 7am - 7pm on Saturday and Sunday. Rides needs to be booked by phone or using an app between 7 days and unto 30 minutes ahead of travel, subject to availability. The service will come into operation in 2 phases.

- from 4 Sept there will be a Connect service from Great Bedwyn to Marlborough (High St, Tesco, Savernake Hospital and St John) and Pewsey (Coop, North St Railway station and Broadfields)

- from 30 October, we will also be able to travel on the Connect service to Hungerford, in addition to the 110 service.

Fares are capped at £2/journey at the moment. For details contact 01225 712900 or use a QR code on the leaflets which are available in the Post Office to download the Connect app to your smartphone. 


 The new Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) bus service is now scheduled to come in to operation on 30th October. Therefore the current bus service will remain until at least the end of October.

The new service will have a route number 110 and be a mix of a fixed timetable and a bookable service. The fixed timetable has not yet been finalised.

Update on recycling small electrical devices by Wiltshire Council

Quarterly update from Wiltshire PCC Philip Wilkinson 

Recycling information from Wiltshire Council  

Local bus changes. Updated from April 2023.  

Co-option for Councillor poster.  

Notice of vacancy for Parish Councillor Feb 23

Great Green Bedwyn have their own website - click here to visit. 

Notice of vacancy of Parish Councillor Jan 23 

Wiltshire Council's 2023/24 Budget information - We’ve published our proposed budget for 2023/24 ( 


Wiltshire Council support on the Cost of Living and a directory of warm spaces and community food schemes: Council tax, benefits and financial support - Wiltshire Council

 Wiltshire Council opening hours over Christmas for its services:

Cllrs Dawn Sanday and Bruce White.

This takes us to a full complement of 11 Councillors for the Parish Council.
We welcome them on board and look forward to working with them.  

SSE look after the network for electricity for central south England. They are not your electricity supplier but maintain the network.
If a power cut would be worrying or difficult for you, you can register with their priority service by calling 0800 294 3259.
You may want to register if you:
• Are deaf or hard of hearing
Have a disability
• Have children under 5
• Are blind or partially sighted
• Have a chronic illness or use medical equipment that relies on electricity
• Are over 60
• Temporarily need extra support
You can also visit and complete an online form
A representative from SSE hopes to be at the Jan 12th 2023 Council meeting at 7.00pm in the Village Hall to offer advice.


Information with regards to Savernake forest from Forestry England:

I am writing to let you know that we will soon be working in Savernake Forest to complete a number of forestry operations which will last until late 2023.

In several areas of the forest where trees are growing densely, we will be thinning them. This means removing selected trees to give the remaining ones more space to grow to their potential. Thinning also allows more light to reach the forest floor, which improves the habitat for ground flora and the wildlife it supports. Many of our planned work areas are classified as a Plantation on Ancient Woodland Site (PAWS) which means that we are gradually managing them back to the way they would have been several hundred years ago. Where we are thinning the trees, we will target the removal of non-native conifers to benefit the broadleaf trees and, where possible, open up more space around some of Savernake’s special veteran trees to support their health.

We will also be removing around 300 ash trees which are close to access routes around the forest and showing signs of chalara ash dieback. This is a destructive disease that causes trees to become brittle, drop branches, or fall altogether. We will be removing these trees for safety.

There is more information about this work on our website at

I would be grateful if you would be able to share this information through your news channels. Please let me know if I can help by providing any more information or a short newsletter article. We understand that residents may not be familiar with sustainable forest management and are keen to explain how this planned work supports the long-term health and resilience of the forest.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or refer queries from local residents to


Bedwyn Passenger Trains Group proposed Dec 2022 timetable  

Warm and Safe Wiltshire: 

  • Free and impartial energy advice and casework support
    • Available to any Wiltshire or Swindon resident
    • Tariffs checks and help switching supply
    • Behaviour change and diagnosing reasons for high bills
    • Schemes applications (e.g. £140 Warm Home Discount)
    • Help with energy and water debt
  • Home improvement funding assistance
    • Partially/fully funded boilers / new heating systems
    • Fully funded insulation (even as a private tenant)
  • Supported referral to other relevant services
    • Free benefits check through Citizens Advice
    • Free Home Safety checks from the Fire Service

Advice Line: 0800 038 5722 (free from mobiles and landlines)


Facebook Great Bedwyn Parish Council Facebook Page



Volunteer support co-ordinators during coronavirus outbreak.

With the recent Government advice restricting movement many people in Bedwyn will need help in daily tasks like shopping or collecting prescriptions etc., the Great Bedwyn Link Scheme has set up a scheme to help manage this crisis. Call 07717 006787 or email


Welcome to the Great Bedwyn Parish Council website providing information about the village of Great Bedwyn and the neighbouring communities of Crofton and St Katharine's in Wiltshire and the activities of the Parish Council.

The Parish Council is the tier of Local Government closest to the people. On our website we outline the role and services provided by the Parish Council along with the details of our councillors. We provide you with the dates of our meetings and copies of the agendas and minutes.

This site will enable you to find out about our vibrant community and understand the roles and responsibilities of the Parish Council. It is our intention to enable more residents to play an active role in the community, participate in more activities, attend Parish Council Meetings and thoroughly enjoy living in the parish of Great Bedwyn.

  New Councillors required

  We are currently looking for 5 new Councillors to join the council by the process of co-option.   This is an excellent opportunity to be more involved in your community and make changes at the local level. Please contact the Clerk for more details on application criteria and how to apply. 

 Church Street Speed Indicator Device data (SID) Aug-Sept 23

 Jockey Green Speed Indicator data (SID) July-Aug 23


Great Bedwyn

Great Green Bedwyn Project


Latest newsletter from - Great Green Bedwyn March update ( 

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Please click this link to read our report to the National Lottery  

 Please click this link to read the Summary of the Great Green Bedwyn launch 

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What should we do about climate change in Great Bedwyn?

The Great Green Bedwyn Survey

We need to know your views about how we can tackle climate change in Great Bedwyn. What actions are practical, affordable and do-able at home and in the village ? Together we can make a difference, and many of the actions can save us money, too ! Everyone who completes our survey can ask for a free heat loss survey of their home and help with calculating their carbon footprint.

Please share your views by completing our short survey electronically at or on a paper form delivered through your door or available from the Post Office. Your views are essential to help us decide on actions to reduce carbon emissions in Great Bedwyn and guide us in arranging village meetings and other actions. Closing date: Friday 25 Feb.

Great Green Bedwyn is sponsored by the Lottery Community Fund and supported by the Parish Council. For more information contact